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who are Digital Powerhouse?

Digital Powerhouse Limited was formed back in 1999 as Shaman Designs Limited.

The company was formed by a group of media specialists, with a long history in Graphic Design, Web Authoring, Video Editing, Video Post Production, 3D Graphics and Animation as well as computer hardware.

Since the company was formed back in 1999 we have been commissioned for work for such companies as Tommy Hilfiger, The Athlete's Foot and Palinex Trading Ltd. We have also worked regularly on high profile photography, graphic design and Internet projects for Leatherworks (London) Ltd, who have produced footwear for such designers as Vivian Westwood and Stella McCartney as well as musical artists such as Prince and Dolly Parton.

Since 2001 we have been designing a new range of home entertainment systems and home computer systems and hardware.

From designing hardware for home entertainment systems, Digital Powerhouse Limited are now producing the official hardware for Media-Box who are the number one producers for home media centre software.

We also design & produce cases and systems for other companies and organisations. Please contact us if you would like to commission us to produce your hardware.

Digital Powerhouse Limited have distributors from Australia & New Zealand to the USA & Europe including the UK, the Eastern Mediteranean and the Middle East.