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a PC that is more than just a PC?

Since 2001 we have been designing home theatre PCs that look like they belong besides your TV and your home theatre systems.

Supporting Mini-ITX and mini-FlexATX, flex-ATX and uATX motherboards, these small form factor motherboards all fit perfectly into 'eve'. Two full size PCI cards are supported making the 'eve' case expandable for home gamer to digital video editing professionals.

Designed to bring digital convergence home to your PC, the 6 in 1 smart card reader and the front USB and Firewire ports are part of the eve front panel. A 20 by 4 LCD panel stands proud at the centre of the front panel with the internal IR receiver. Unlike many HTPC cases, 'eve' uses any full size CD/DVD drive and does not need a slim line drive.

  • Compact Size - Similar to standard DVD players and Video Cassette Recorders - Fits perfectly into a HiFi Rack - 430x370x90 mm
  • mini-ITX, mini-FlexATX, Flex-ATX and uATX motherboard compatible
  • Housing for internal LCD Panel and IR receivers
  • Standard 5.25" CD-Rom drive bay
  • HiFi style feet as standard
  • Front 2x USB and 2x 1394 (firewire) module available
  • Hidden DVD/CD-Rom behind front panel, panel automatically opens and close
  • smart card reader embedded to the case
  • Two bays for internal harddrives. Have one harddrive for your operating system and program files, and the second harddrive for the user to record data on. Makes customer support a breeze